Genboy Machinery

Who we are

Genboy Makina has started its activities in a small workshop in 2010. Until then it was dealing in artisan production and mechanic arts. Today it’s a company focused on dried fruit and vegetable dicing machinery and continues growing steadily with its young and dynamic staff for 8 years. Genboy Makina serves the food sector under the leadership of Süleyman Nantu who is the architect of Dry Fruit and Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine and one of the founding partners of the company.

What we do

Briefly stated; Genboy Makina manufactures dicing (cube cutting) machinery for dried fruits and vegetables.

R&D studies started with dried apricots dicing and it expanded with dried figs, dates, plums, tomatoes, raisins, orange peel, lemon peel and other dried fruits.

Dried Fruit and Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine can dice dried fruits in 5×5 mm; 8×8 mm, 10×10 mm sizes and bespoke manufacturing is also done. All materials and components used in the production of machinery have been tested and approved for food and according to CE standards.

Machine installation is performed by our service personnel. Staff training on machine use is given to authorized personnel immediately after the installation. In addition to the machine production, we are always at your disposal with installation and service.

We believe that you will accelerate your business and increase your productivity with Genboy Machinery, which keeps customer satisfaction and product quality in the forefront. We’d be happy to work with you.

What sectors we service to

Our main focus group is dried fruit and vegetable industry. All the dried fruit and vegetable production and processing companies that offer processed food products are our prospective customers.

What makes our machinery uniqe:

  • Precise product shape
  • Dicing speed
  • Precision machining
  • Adjustable cutting (Diced, Julienne)

Why you need dicer

The companies are experiencing a hyper competition in their own fields which compels them to differentiate and come up with new ideas. It’s also the same situation for food industry. In order to survive in the market every business is coming out with new products, offers, services. As such, for a dried fruit company to stand out among others, from packaging to the product itself, it has to offer a product with high added value instead of selling just usual dehydrated fruit. Perfect diced dried fruit is one of the options and our machines make it possible.

Why you should prefer us

Proudly to state that, we are the industry leading company in manufacturing high-precision dicers. Having years of R&D works, commitment to quality, resilliency and brand awareness is what makes us one of a kind brand. Unlike common fruit cutting machines, we present a machine that makes a pefrect cube shaped dried fruits to the world. It’s well known that all the fruit dicing machines are for fresh and frozen fruits. Our dicer is however has come up with a challenge: being able to dice dried fruits with great shapes. Besides, you’ll get the full after-sales service by our professional and highly-experienced team.