Tray Washing Machine

Tray washer machine has a conveyor belt with 2 trays at one time and adjustable speed according to tray grime.
Before the trays are placed on the belt, pre-washing by spraying disinfected and detergent water and waiting for at least 10 minutes will increase the washing efficiency of the tray washing machine.

Tray Washer Machine includes 1 ton water tank.

Brand / Model : Genboy / T-001
Machine dimensions :
Width : 1000 mm
Length:3500 mm
Weight: 1000Kg

Capacity :
6 tray / min.
Adjustable speed of conveyor belt

AISI 304 Steinless Chrom
Washer Engine 7,5 kW (2 pieces)
Belt reducer 0,75 kW (1 pieces)
4 pieces 160 bar nozzle
2 pieces 180 bar rotex pump
Engine ; AEMOT, Electical Power Supply 380 kW
1 ton water tank
Machine has 6 wheels