On dried fruits’ future and role of Genboy Machine
As Genboy Machine family, we will try to share new developments related to driedfruit and machinery sector.

In our first article, I would like to touch on a subject that is of interest to the users of Dried Fruit and Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine which we produce as Genboy Makine. We will examine the changing supply and demand balances in the dried fruit sector.

It is possible to observe that with the change in nutritional habits in recent years, the end consumer attaches importance to organic nutrition and changes the way of life in this direction. This trend is an opportunity for food producers to review their portfolios and renew themselves. yoghurt producers not only make yoghurts but also produce fruityoghurt, kinoayogurt, chiaseedyoghurt.

On the other hand, the companies engaged in the trade and production of snack products, in an effort to expand their product range. They started to include dried fruits in their snack products.

Diced dried apricots, figs and dates

When we examined the social media accounts of the companies we followed, they were not content with dried fruits and started to offer these products to end consumers in various forms and shapes. For example, sliced ​​dried fruits, which have been in the sector for years but are limited to a few kinds of fruits, have started to increase the variety and have also started to reach the end consumers in the form of cube cutting.

For this reason, the structure of the dried fruit sector is gradually changing, trying to be more consumer-oriented.

As Genboy Makina, we are always ready to meet the needs of valuable manufacturers who want to renew themselves in this sector and desire to reach the end consumer by cutting the product portfolio in various ways.